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5 Reasons to Subscribe to Noble Brewer

I could list a million reasons why we all need more Noble Brewer in our lives, but I’m going to run out of blog space and probably the amount of gifs I could find. So here’s five of the best reasons that will make you go, yes, give me more Noble Brewer! Best read while drinking delicious beer brewed by your favorite homebrewers.

5 Pieces of Beer Themed Attire You Need

Sometimes, we aren’t able to drink beer. Maybe you have a big presentation. Or maybe you’re babysitting and you’re trying to be a good influence. Whatever those infrequent situations are, when you can’t drink it, wear it. We’ve gathered up the comfiest, neatest attire for you when you need to channel that hoppiness that only a pint of the good stuff can give you.

5 Breweries to Follow on Instagram

There’s a lot to love about Instagram. There’s neat filters and the ability to make it look like you’re playing catch with yourself (thanks Boomerang!). There are also rad people to follow and super simple ways to see the world without even leaving your couch...something I don’t recommend at all, but to each their own. It’s also a place where you can explore the behind-the-scenes and the personalities that make up some of our favorite breweries. Because who doesn’t love seeing that can of Fat Tire exploring the mountains?

5 Places to Take Beercations

Vacations are the best, right? No emails beeping on your phone. No last minute deadlines looming. And no breakroom coffee to sort of wake you up in the morning. But did you know a little thing that is, dare I say, better than a vacation? A beercation. What is this word you say? It’s a thing that combines the best of everything: time off and plenty of good beer. Drink up or drink it in? In any of these five beercation hot spots, you get both.

5 Reasons to Give Beer This Year

In my opinion, beer is the best gift to give this holiday season. It shows those people on your list that you care about them enough to give a little bit of your heart (liver) to them. This year, cross off your lists by giving six-packs and bombers and growlers, oh my! Don’t forget to grab a few bottles for yourself as well; because baby, it’s cold outside, and you don’t want to let that pint out of your sight.

Gift Guide for Homebrewers

Homebrewers have it all, right? You can’t just pick-up a six pack at the store for them, because they can literally brew their own. If you’re stumped on what to get that homebrewer this year, look no further: Noble Brewer will help you! Just call us beer elves. We accept cookies and pints of beer of any variety...just not snickerdoodle and Budweiser, please.

Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

The easiest gift to get beer lovers seems obvious, right? Beer. Just get them BEER. But what if their fridge is full? What if they can’t stand the thought of opening yet another gift of beer...madness but I digress. For that person with a packed fridge, how about something that isn’t quite beer, but beer in theme. Because even if you aren’t drinking beer, wearing it or coloring it in can at least fill that void for a hot minute.

Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Beer Enthusiasts

I love outside, but I also really, really love beer. If you know someone like me on your list (I’m sorry), then how about combining their two favorite things this year? Because we all know a beer tastes better if you’ve earned it. Or, if you’ve just walked a few feet from your front porch and you get thirsty. Opting outside is opting outside, and it all deserves a beer.

A Barley There History of American Beer

I know, I know, American Beer Day has passed. But, you guys, American beer day is errday, right? I realized I just used erryday but I’ll hope you forgive me. So while you can reprimand me for being late on the proper American Beer Day celebration, let’s agree to disagree and just talk beer. Because that’s the best topic of conversation there is. And if that’s wrong, well then, I don’t want to be right.

5 Beer Themed Halloween Costumes to Treat Yourself to

Halloween is the one day (or weekend) out of the year where you can be literally anything you want to be...even though you won’t be able to climb walls like Spiderman, which is something I definitely tried circa 1998. So this Halloween, instead of pretending to fight crime, I’m just going to go as something that isn’t scary at all: a ghost drinking a beer. Interested in joining the case? I’ve got a few beer-themed options for you, so that together we can create the hoppiest squad ever. Take that T-swift.

6 Easy Ways to Enjoy Beer this Fall. Pumpkins not required.

Beer goes with fall like wine goes with Wednesday. Like piña coladas go with getting lost in the rain. Like country music goes with lowering the volume... just kidding. Sort of. What I’m trying to get at with my metaphors, is that beer and fall go hand in hand. Literally, put a beer in your hand, or both hands, when Autumn time arrives.

5 Reasons to Hangout with Homebrewers

Having a friend who brews beer is like the ultimate #lifegoal, right? Besides being able to sustain you through a crazy zombie apocalypse, here are some other reasons why homebrewers are awesome. 

5 Gluten Free Beers You'll Actually Want to Try

The thought of a beer without gluten gives you the hebbie-jebbies right? Where’s that malty backbone? Where’s that feeling of drinking liquid bread that the Germans perfected? Never fear, Noble Brewer is here...with gluten free beers you'll actually want to try.

And so it Gose. 5 Reasons to Give Gose Style Beer a Try

Gose style beers are like a Berliner Weisse’s slightly more sarcastic cousin who always has a downright salty look on their face. But, hey, some people just have resting unpleasant face; this doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome.

6 Beers to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you think of dessert you think fun, right? A celebration that the meal is not quite over and there’s still a button on your pants you haven’t undone. And what’s more fun than beer? Nothing! Except maybe a free-ticket to backpack Europe for a year… But if that ticket is still on hold, head for the beer.

Gold Medal Beers to Try Across the Globe

We all have a secret urge to try what’s in, right? Even if we sometimes pretend we hate Pokémon Go or double-tapping Insta-G’s...a phrase I’m ashamed to be writing but will occasionally utter regardless.

Spring Release Packing Party at Noble Brewer

Ever wonder what it takes to pack up a shipment of Noble Brewer beers? Check out our sweet time lapse of part of the work we did. Each box is lovingly packed by yours truly! 

Behind the Brewery: Zipline Brewing Co.

We went behind the scenes with Marcus Powers of Zipline Brewing in Lincoln, NE to learn more about this brewery. 

I Want Beer Fests: Midwest Edition

I’ve been to my fair share of beer fests. Donning my pretzel necklace, I walk into the festival with my sample cup empty and my mind full of excitement for all the brews I’m going to try… and remember. This year (and next!) grab your drinking buddies and head to some of these Midwestern fests. Also the store to buy out the pretzel section.

What Does Beer Really Taste Like?

If you want someone to jump over that line from Bud Light to craft heaven and never look back, you need to tell them how beer *really* tastes - by showing them how beer feels. And, no, I’m not talking about how it make you feel. Although that’s pretty awesome too.

How to Make Beer (Better)

What we really want to know is how to make beer that's delicious. To pass along some of that collective wisdom, we've compiled a list of books to help you make beer that people will truly drool over.