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When will I get my shipment?
We ship within 2-4 business days of receiving your order. If your order is a gift or a rush, email us and we'll get it out quicker. You'll get a shipping notification once we process your order.
Do I have to sign for it?
Yes, someone who is 21 or older MUST be available to sign for it.
I want to ship to work. Will they know it's beer?
Not unless you tell them! We use discrete packaging that doesn't say "Beer" or "Brewer" anywhere.
Where do you ship?
Because of high shipping cost, we are unable to ship to Hawaii and Alaska.
How often do you ship? What are the charge dates?
We ship once a quarter. The charge dates are:
  • Spring: March 21
  • Summer: June 21
  • Fall: September 21
  • Winter: December 21
I missed my delivery. :( How do I get my beer?
If you miss the delivery and it gets sent back to us, there will be a $10 to re-ship it. This helps cover a portion of the shipping cost.
I put the wrong address! What now?!
If you realize that you put the wrong address for shipment, contact us asap so we can change it before the shipment goes out. If you let us know after it has shipped, there will be a $10 fee to re-route it.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
No problem! We'll miss you, but you can cancel at any time. Log in and click 'Manage Subscription'.
Gah. I meant to cancel before renewal. Can I get a refund?
If you cancel and email us requesting a refund before we process it for shipping, then yes. Once we process your order for shipping we *might* be able to refund, but it is not a guarantee. Once we ship it, we do not offer refunds.
I thought I changed my address, but my subscription still has the wrong address...
Click on 'Manage Subscription' under your account and change the address on your actual subscription.
Will the beer I receive be actual homebrew made in a kitchen or garage?
While we think it would be great if we could ship you the real thing straight from our homebrewers’ set ups, selling homebrew is actually illegal. In addition, we would need our homebrewers to brew for several days straight to make enough beer for our membership base, and hand bottling that many beers is just painful. To solve these problems, we work with our homebrewers to scale up their recipes to a commercial level and use a partner brewery to make and bottle the beer we deliver to you. So, in short, you will not receive actual homebrew.
What do I get with a membership?
You will receive four 22oz. beers from four different homebrewers. You'll learn the homebrewers’ stories and their inspiration behind the beers. In addition, members receive discounts on all Noble Brewer beers and get first dibs on awesome beer samplers.
Are you a brewery?
No, we rely on our partner breweries to produce our homebrewer’s best beers. We focus on finding the best brewers and sharing their story with you.
How small are your batches?
Each beer we make is a single release and brewed one time. That means we have extremely limited quantities and once we run out of a beer, that's it!
I really liked one beer in my shipment. Can I order more?
Yes! If you’d like to order more, login to the site and go to the beers page. Once there you’ll have the ability to purchase each beer individually.
Where are you located?
We’re a small startup located in Oakland, CA. We have a shop in an industrial park along the Tidal Canal where we get to hang out and eat lunch along the waterfront as the rowing teams go by. Stop in and say ‘Hi’ sometime!
I’m a homebrewer, what do I need to do to be featured?
We require all of our homebrewers to have won at least one award with their beer. If you've done that, head here and apply to be featured!
What if I'm not happy about my shipment?
We want to make sure you enjoy being a member of Noble Brewer and helping us bring homebrewers' beers to life. So if you ever aren't satisfied, let us know and we'll make it up to you!
My question isn’t answered here, how can I get more info?
Whoops, sorry about that! Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.

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